Improve Performance

BowlFit programs are created for bowlers, by a bowler. That said they can be created specific to the demands of the sport and your goals as a player. If you need more ball speed and leverage we can add more explosive power training to promote fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment. If you need to slow down we can implement tempo training and create more stiffness. Everything can be made specific to the individual.

Injury Prevention

A structured training program can help you to reduce the risk of getting a long term overuse injury as commonly seen in bowlers.  Strength training will provide you with stability, durability, and stamina to compete at a higher level.

Weight Loss

Many people have interest in losing weight or toning up.  This can be done with BowlFit programs if done in conjunction with nutrition coaching which we also offer.  Abs aren't made in the gym they are made in the kitchen, but we can guide you there as well!


Strength Training

BowlFit Programs are based on functional strength training given then specific demands and necessary strength for our unique sport.


ALL BowlFit programs will include a great deal of mobility exercises and stretches to perform prior to each workout.  This is the groundwork for any training program to keep joints healthy.


Every program will include single leg stability and core exercises to improve balance.  This will help bowlers with posting their shots and improving consistency.

Nutrition Coaching

If your goal is weight loss, nutrition will play an important role in that.  For that reason we offer nutrition consulting and planning to reach your weight loss goal and maintain it.

Injury Prevention

All the programs include hyperlinks to each exercise to demonstrate how to perform exercises correctly.  Proper technique is key to successful and safe programming.  There are specific exercises included in the programs to prevent the common injuries seen in bowlers (ie: wrists, shoulders, knees).  


After building a good foundation of strength we can include conditioning which may be aerobic or anaerobic (or both) based on your specific goals.  Gone are the days you'll have to hop on a treadmill for hours and be bored!