Workout Templates
Individualized Programming Options
Beginner $50, Intermediate $100, Advanced $150
Levels based on initial consultation

So how does it work?

Request A Program

The first step is us getting to know you and your goals. Fill out the attached health history and intake form to connect with us.

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Once we receive the request for a program we will review your intake form and email you within a few days to set up a more thorough health assessment and consultation over the phone or video conference.  This is free but very important that we take the time to get to know you as a client to coach you to the best of our ability.  Through the consultation we will figure out the next steps to reach your goals!


Once we determine a plan to achieve your goals with BowlFit, it's time to learn your program.  We use YouTube videos to demonstrate the exercises that will be in your program.  You can start viewing them ahead of time to prepare for your new workout plan!  Check out BowlFit, Heather D'Errico, and Next Level Strength and Conditioning on YouTube!

Why Quality Programming Is Important To Us

You Are An Athlete

Sometimes even other trainers don't realize the physical demands to be successful in our sport.  We get it.  Bowlers ARE athletes and we are going to give you programming just like any other athlete that considers the demands of the sport, time of year, and the common injuries we see happening to bowlers.  

Everyone Is Different

While we start off with certain templates, we take into consideration your individual goals, personal training experience, access to equipment, and your schedule.  Once provided with your individual needs and concerns we alter the training programs accordingly before sending it over to you to make sure it is a program YOU will be successful with.  Cookie cutter programs won't work on every bowler, customization is very important to us.

Long Term Health

We don't want to just provide you with exercises to achieve your short term goals, but we want to provide you with something that is going to help you take care of your body long term.  Short term weight loss is not a goal here, we want exercise to become a habit and improve your overall health so you can enjoy the sport of bowling for years to come.

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