Training Your Core

By: Heather D'Errico

Seems everything these days is all about training your core. Everyone wants to work their "abs" more than anything else. A stable core is certainly important but it seems people are confused about how to train their core as the go-to is usually some form of thousands of crunches.

A six pack is the result of a toned rectus abdominis. But there are actually more abdominal muscles deep to rectus abdominis that are far more important as they play a role in creating and resisting rotation to support the spine. In addition, to have a strong core you need strong and stable hips to support the trunk- thus why an exercise like squats is increasing core strength more than you know.

Here is a list of the best ways to train to truly train your core instead of doing crunches:

1. Deep Belly Breathing
Because you have to learn how to close your rib cage down and really use your diaphragm to get core activation
2. Lift Heavy
Squat heavy, deadlift heavy, bench press heavy, etc... heavy resistance training is impossible to do without
engaging your core!
3. Anti-Rotation Presses (ie. Paloff Press)
4. Any Plank variation being held for breaths instead of seconds and truly bracing
5. Roll Outs
6. Deadbugs
7. Bird Dogs
8. Carry Variations (Farmers Carries, Suitcase Carries, Overhead Carries)
9. Ball Slams, Rope Slams, really anything requiring significant power output
10. Bear Crawls

Try those and I guarantee you'll never go back to crunches again!

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